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Spider Deterrent Turtles

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Spiders!! Love them or hate them, we can all agree you probably don't want the eight legged visitors coming into your home. So you need our deterrent turtles to help prevent spiders from setting up residence in your home. Our turtles are mini fragrance diffusers infused with a blend of peppermint and eucalyptus (both scents which spiders do not like). Simple place a turtle on your window sill or other area a spider might pop in and he will release a subtle fragrance to deter the eight legged beasties. Our box contains 4 pre-scented turtles and a 3ml dropper bottle of top up oil. Once the fragrance has faded simply add a couple of drops of the oil onto the turtle and allow to sink in, and it is ready to use again. Our turtles are not edible for humans or animals to please keep out of reach of children or pets. Our turtles are a spider deterrent but we cannot guarantee a spider free home but they will do their best to help. Do not allow fragrance oil to come into contact with surfaces as may cause discolouration or damage. Keep out of reach of children.