Head and shoulder shot of lady with glasses and red hairHello, My name is Clare and I am the person behind The Foxglove Tree. I am mum to three gorgeous kids and one crazy dog. Living with my husband in an old rambling house with a wild garden in the heart of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds.

I have always been arty and creative. Producing artwork and creations for my own home and garden and that of family and friends. Lots of these have been mixed media and 3 dimensional and even once included a life size Indian elephant in full festival outfit for a local event.

With health problems making working a 'traditional' job no longer possible. It was the time to take the plunge and launch my own small business. My dad managed to grow some lovely foxglove trees from seed and the one he gifted to me was the first to flower. So that is where the name came from.

Taking inspiration from my wild and rambling garden. I set about creating art and products that capture nature at its finest. Allowing you to bring a little piece of the Lincolnshire countryside into your home

Botanical casting along with botanical illustration was used in the Victorian era by botanists and plant hunters to capture the minute details of newly discovered plants. This was before photography was available and allowed for an accurate representation of the plants to be recorded and preserved. Lots of research into this technique and months of testing and trialling different mixture ratios and casts followed. I have now developed my unique blends of sculptural plaster. Giving the right blend to gather the smallest of details from the plants and the structural hardness for the longevity and durability of the cast. I now use the technique I have developed to create beautiful decorative plaques which can be hung on a wall or used with a stand. Each piece is totally one off and captures the seasonal plants which I grow in my garden. Taking many hours to complete they freeze the beauty of nature in time and allow you to bring it into your home.

Each piece I make follows the seasons, taking advantage of each plant as it grows. I now find I am much more in tune with nature and can be found each day wondering round my garden. Every day brings a new leaf or bloom into creation. There is just not enough time to cast them all (although I do try). 

By looking and working so closely with each plant I get to appreciate all of the tiniest details which would normally be over looked. Plants normally disregarded as being a weed or insignificant can produce the most beautiful casts.