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Moth Deterent Wardrobe Freshener

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A pretty decorative way to help deter moths from  your wardrobe, drawers or other small space. It that time of year when moths are looking for places to lay their eggs somewhere dry and dark. Our wardrobes are the perfect choice with our clothes offering an abundance of food  when the eggs hatch. Leaving us frustrated when finding our favourite jumper suddenly features new little holes.

Each of our Moth deterrent wardrobe fresheners contains ingredients that moths hate but still smell lovely to us. The fragrance is lemon & lavender and each freshener contains dried lavender, rosemary and thyme and is decorated with more pressed lavender.

Simply hang the freshener from the rail in your wardrobe or use a drawing pin or hook to add it to the inside of the cupboard door. Alternatively pop into the supplied fabric bag and hook over the clothes hanger used for your favourite item of clothing.

A tip if your clothes are already infested is to place the items in a bag and place in the freezer for 72 hours to kill any eggs and help break the cycle.

Handmade in small batches from rapeseed wax. Rapeseed is grown widely across Lincolnshire so was a natural choice when looking to support local suppliers. 

The wax has been scented using vegan friendly, cruelty free fragrance oils

 All of the botanicals used in the decorations have be grown and dried ourselves. Each freshener is unique and seasonal, has a brass eyelet and natural jute twine ready for hanging. Also supplied is a fabric bag which can be used to prevent wax transfer if placing the sachet against fabric. Individually boxed they make unique gifts.