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Daffodil Botanical Cast Fragrance Diffuser

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A botanical casting of a daffodil flower. Mother Nature‘s beauty frozen in time. A modern fossil. Unique hanging decoration. Perfect to decorate small spaces in your home whilst looking beautiful. Simply choose which scent you would like us to fragrance this botanical art with, from the list below. You will also be supplied with a 3ml vial of the fragrance so you can top up your casting. Simply add a few drops to the back of the cast and wait for it to dry, it will then diffuse a subtle scent. Each diffuser is individually boxed and supplied with jute twine ready for hanging. Great in your car, cupboard, wardrobe, hang on your boot or coat rack to add a fresh fragrance. Or choose something soothing and hang beside your bed to promote a goods night sleep. Or maybe by your computer to clear your mind and improve mental clarity. Capturing the unique beauty of Lincolnshire garden botanicals. Each cast is handmade using plants we have grown here in our Tetford garden. Carefully imprinting their impression into soft clay, then painstakingly removing the plant. This is then used to produce a casting in sculptural plaster. Every piece is hand cast and will have minor imperfections which add to its unique character. Our casts are unsealed so not suitable for damp environments or outdoor use.