Using fragrance to help......

Using fragrance to help......

As you probably know you can use lavender to help relax and its good for promoting sleep. But did you know there are lots of other fragrances which can be used to help in your daily life? I thought I'd share just a few ways that using fragrance can be helpful and which ones you should add to different areas of your home for different effects.

Cinnamon is a very distinctive fragrance and probably best associated with food, whether it be a hot cross bun at Easter or a hot tody at Christmas. Cinnamon fragrance has a very positive effect on our brains. With a lot of us still working from home if you find you have trouble focusing and become easily distracted then adding cinnamon scent to your work space could be the answer. It fights mental fatigue, reduces drowsiness and irritability along with improving focus and concentration. So if you could do with a little brain boost and improving your cognitive function, cinnamon is the fragrance for you. 

Feeling anxious or suffering from stress? Then using a blend which contains bay and rosemary can calm the mind. The scent of bay is especially useful for relieving stress so if you are lucky enough to have a bay tree growing in your garden. Pick a few leaves and add them to a hot bath for a nice de-stressing soak at the end of a crazy day. If you have rosemary in your herb garden it has more uses than just for a Sunday roast. Rosemary scent helps improve mood and clears the mind which is perfect for relieving anxiety and stress. Simply rubbing a few leaves in your hand and breathing in the fragrance can be enough to ground you.

Do you like the smell of peppermint and eucalyptus? Well did you know that spiders don't! So adding these scents to your home can help deter spiders from setting up home there too. I have family in Australia and they take fresh eucalyptus are rub the leaves around their window frames to help deter spiders from entering their home.

In fact herbs as a rule are all good for deterring bugs, from spiders to moths.  Maybe you have some of the following in your garden : lemon balm, mint, bay, rosemary or lavender all are great fragrant choices. Gather a few sprigs of your favorites, tie them into a bunch and hang in your wardrobe to ward off moths. They also make your clothes smell great. If you don't have access to the fresh herbs then using a fragrance oil is a great easy to use alternative. Why not team with our Sydd diffuser, he is perfect as a wardrobe freshener.

When talking about useful fragrances I cannot leave out lavender. It is the perfect scent to help you relax and promote a peaceful nights sleep. Whether you are tying a small bunch under the running tap when you draw a bath or tuck a few sprigs inside your pillow case. Adding lavender to your night time routine and bed space can produce a calming scent filled room. If you are using a fragrance oil to adding the fragrance to your bedside then choose a blend which also includes chamomile as this fragrance also calms the mind and is great for promoting sleep too.

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