Spring and Snow!

Spring and Snow!

Spring flowers in a wooden trugLooks like the wonderful  English weather has caught us out again. With a few days of glorious spring sunshine. I've have been busy in the garden. Catching sight of bees and butterflies I figured it was warm enough and with flowers blooming it was OK to start clearing the beds as all the little bugs where waking from hibernation. I have cleared some space to be used as new flowers beds and have started rejuvenating an old space starting to become overgrown with lemon balm and ivy. Lifting and dividing hardy geranium clumps to rejuvenate and create new plants. I even managed to lay a rustic patio using old bricks reclaimed from a dilapidated conservatory. Everything was stating to come to life with lots of spring flowers starting to raise their heads just as the snowdrops start to fade. Then I woke up this morning to snow!! Yes everything was covered in a layer of snow and the day was a very wintery and wild day. So plans to cast the new spring flowers was put on hold. So I spent a busy day bottling lots of fragrances getting stock ready for all the shows booked this year, whilst watching the snow blizzards swirling outside the window.

I have been excitedly waiting for the ferns to start to sprout their lovely curly fronds so I can start casting some new plaques. I may now have to wait a little longer for them to thaw out but I couldn't resist the tiny ones that have started to sprout and managed to cast a new diffuser design just before the snow fell. I will soon be adding it to the website.

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