DIY test tube bud vase

DIY test tube bud vase

With the sun finally shining,  flowers are starting to spring up all around the garden. So I couldn’t resist bringing a few inside to brighten up the house. The trouble is most of the stems are still quite short. So I needed some bud vases. I remembered last year seeing lots of different tiny hanging vases so thought it would be rather easy to hang a few test tubes from my little display tree. Rather than just wrapping some string or wire around the test tube and hanging. I wanted a bit more of a designer vase look. So raided my store to see what I could use and found some copper plumbing fittings. I love copper accents both when it is nice a shiny and even more when verdigris starts to change the copper to green. So figured these little fittings would be perfect.

So I made a little loop from some wire to make them easier to hang. Popped some glue around the top of the test tube and slipped the copper pipe fitting in place. I left them overnight to dry then filled with water and flowers and hung then up. I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I think these would look super cute hanging down the centre of a table as a great centre piece. Might have to try that next….


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