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Study Turtles

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Set of  4 study turtles. Each turtle is a mini plaster fragrance diffuser. Infused with our special blend of fragrance oils designed to help you concentrate for study or work. The blend includes Cinnamon  which helps fight mental fatigue, improves concentration and focus, reduces drowsiness and irritability, boosts brain power and improves cognitive function. This has been blended with Apple which helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

Simply place the turtles around your study or work area and they will release a subtle fragrance into your space. It has also been discovered that using  fragrance can help with information recall. Using a fragrance whilst  studying helps the brain associate the facts being learnt with the scent. Then smelling the fragrance at a later date can help with the recall of the facts learnt.

Each set comes boxed with 3ml bottle of top up fragrance oil. Simple use the dropper bottle to add a drop or two of oil onto each turtle to replenish the fragrance as required. Also included is a draw string bag perfect for carrying a turtle on the go.

Due to size of turtles please keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not allow oil to contact surfaces as may cause discolouration or damage.