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Bell Vine Botanical Cast

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This is a stunning large circular cast was made using the twisty stems from the bell vine plant. It is really classed as a weed when it gets into your garden but I still think it is a very pretty flower and vine. Last year it did sneak into my garden and try to smother my apple tree. It must have been a good year for it as it took over our local hedgerows where it looked very impressive with its mass of white bell flowers. It has some lovely neutral colour tones taken from the clay pigments on the plants themselves. With the background painted in blue. Measures approximately 27cm diameter  with aluminium hanging loop on the rear of the cast. Each cast is carefully wrapped in tissue paper, then brown paper and string with decorative dried flower decoration. Ready to use as a special gift. I then bubble wrap and carefully package for transport. Where possible I use recycled outer packaging which may not look pretty but every little bit helps protect the environment. I then will dispatch using Royal Mail. If you would prefer to collect your order just let me know so we can arrange an appointment.